From Fleece To Memory Foam: Exploring The Materials Used In American-Made Dog Beds

Dogs aren’t just a man’s best friend. They’re beloved companions to thousands, if not millions, Americans. Big or small, young or old, our dogs are part of the family, and we want nothing but the best for them—the best food, dog toys, and even the best dog beds.

Getting a high-quality dog bed can look different for each family. Each material has a different quality to pamper our pooches; some are even machine washable! That leaves more snuggles for your dog and less work for you.

Don’t let all the options out there overwhelm you. Between technological advancements and pet lovers’ innovation, there are so many beds to choose from! Finding the perfect USA dog bed has never been easier, though we understand the hesitation.

There’s a lot to consider between color options and zipper types, and we want to make it easier. So please sit back, snuggle up with your pup, and let’s find the best dog beds for you!


Waterproof pet beds are a great investment if you take your four-legged friends everywhere you go. If they get rough and tumble and a little messy, rest assured that vinyl pet beds are water-resistant and easy to wipe clean.

Whether you have an older dog with bladder control issues or a new puppy that hasn’t mastered the art of potty training quite yet, vinyl beds will fit nicely into your life and your dog’s.

Since they’re waterproof, they’re decent beds to keep outside. Other beds that soak up moisture will quickly get dirty and smelly if forgotten outside.

Not only that, but vinyl beds are no match for the playful energy of your dog! They’re far more durable and can withstand whatever mischief your pooch gets into.

Best of all, most vinyl beds fit large breeds perfectly. Don’t struggle to find a perfect bed for your big dog—give them the comfort of an extra large vinyl bed!

Memory Foam

Using memory foam, or even any blend of foam, helps relax a dog’s joints. It’s almost like lying on a fluffy cloud!

When lying on memory foam, dogs are given more support compared to a poly fiber fill, meaning they provide more relief for aging dogs. Any pain they may experience in their joints or muscles is lessened with memory foam beds.

While different styles of memory foam beds may be made in America, they all provide the same excellent benefits. Each memory foam